Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guess who's Back?!

Sorry I've been MIA, but let me say this..I'm back and mouthier than ever!! New hairstyle and a new attitude!! This is my passion to talk about fashion and it's time to get back on it!

So who's ready for Fall fashion? I am, but not yet!! We are still enjoying summer here in CO. So let me tell you what I've been seeing around Denver as far as hot summer fashion!
Shorts have always been a staple in spring and summer, but now we incorporate shorts into fall and winter. Shorts have come a long way as far as style. We wear them with heels, booties, and flats. And it's super freaking cute! You can dress them up for a night out or wear them casual and cute. When the season changes, throw on your tights in any color you like, try a pair of tweed shorts and pair with a cropped leather jacket and booties. Hotness!!!
Just one more thing..please make sure the shorts you pick suit your body type! That's very important! Show off those legs in teensy styles, but keep the look polished with a pretty tunic and flats. The long alternative goes great with wedges or chunky-heeled sandals. And for those of you with shorter legs, make sure the hem hits just above the knee, no below.

Fashionmom's fashion tip:

Pedicures Please!! It's summer and it's toes out everywhere!! But please cover them up if your not going to keep them up!!
I'm just sayin'..;-)

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