Saturday, October 8, 2011

Military trend!

It's still here and not going anywhere! And if you are me, we are damn excited about it!

Military inspired clothing is cool, trendy, and super stylish. You can mix it easily into your daily wardrobe, and it's easy. If it's your first time and you're a bit skiddish..start with accessories. A purse, bracelet, scarf, or even shoes. Work those pieces into your outfit and you will love it! If you want to go further, try a pair of cargo pants, shirt or sweater, and even an anorak. But be careful when you put on those cargo pants. Make sure you soften it up with a sleek camisole and a fitted jacket. It gives it a softer and more feminine look. Leave the stones and costumy jewelry out of this and go for gold or silver. And finally flats, that will keep this look from going over the top, a heel might look a little ridiculous!

This is a trend everyone can try no matter your age, it's just how far you take it!

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