This is me!

Hi!!!  My name is Karen!  Welcome to my Blog, "Fashionmom on the Go!"  I am a fun, fabulous, and fashionable wife and mother born and raised in California, but currently reside in Colorado with my amazing husband and two wonderful children.  I take a lot of pride in the way I look and carry myself and I believe that shines through! I am very social and love being out and about. Fashion is my passion and I love sharing that with everyone I meet!

I would describe my personal style many different ways, such as, edgy, sporty, hip hop, classy, sexy, it's pretty much how I'm feeling that day!  It stems from my life experiences, the way I was brought up and the fashion that was around me.  My first love of fashion comes from my grandmother, she was the most stylish, put together woman I had ever come across and she wore everything well!!  She was an important woman in the church growing up and looking fabulous was part of her repitoire!  Shopping Nordstrom for the majority of her wardrobe was a frequent part of our schedule during the week, in the summer, at grandmas. That explains my love for Nordi's!!!  Everything I know and love about fashion today is a huge part of me and I hoping to show you that through my blog!

Fashion Mom on the go is about my life, a California girl in a Colorado world, a busy mom and wife, sharing my love and knowledge of fashion and personal style to everyone I meet!!

I hope you enjoy my personal journey to teach and help others care, feel, and look great!

Fashionmom out!!!!!!!

"People will stare. Make it worth their while."  Harry Winston