Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring's Top Trends!

What's new?stripes, bright colors, florals and more!!

Fun stripes add a sophisticated, sporty twist to your favorite solids. But first learn your lines!! Vertical lines force the eye to go up and down, making you appear longer an leaner. Horizontal stripes make you look curvy, so if your a boy-shape then this is the way to go. And just an FYI...stripes never go out of style an are universally age-appropriate!

White shirts, crisp and clean, this style staple is here to stay!
Give your Whites some pizazz! Start by leaving a few buttons and the cuffs undone. Add bangles or a stand out necklace. If you are wearing a high-waisted bottom, tuck shirt in. Or get a little riske' an try a half tuck-front in, back out with casual pants.

Bright colors, it up to you how far to go! Try on everything to find out what looks good on you, the right tone will brighten up your face. Start small, try a bright pink, yellow, or cobalt blue nail polish. Shoes are another easy way to bring in some color. Wear a bright shoe with a neutral outfit. Pile on bright accessories or a bright pink or yellow bag. Mix and match or shall I say color-block, which is the new bold way to wear your bright hues. Balance a multicolored outfit with a solid shoe. Or just be Bold! Mix contrasting colors in unexpected ways!

Fun and flirty Florals! Buy a floral dress that will make a statement! Be modern, nothing in a vibrant florals, like soft pastels that look like grandma patterns or an old couch. Go for bold colors and more graphic florals. Do Not Overload! Wear a denim jacket, chains,or studs. It's will play down the sugary sweet look that you get from a floral patterns. Or just walk out the door in your flowy floral dress, throw on your cutest sandals, sexy pair of shades and you are ready for a beautiful sunny day!

So ladies...I just told you what to shop for, so get out there and get fabulous!!

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