Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At the mal!!

I look around me and it's Frump..Frump..Frump!! I'm sorry ladies but I feel I have to touch on this topic again!! Every mommy in here has a child that is dressed up and hair fixed up all cute... But what the hell happened to you!! You put all of that time into dressing your kid and just walked your ass out the door in your house clothes!! My gosh ladies..it doesn't take much time at all!! With all of the TV shows and magazines about what to wear and how cheap it is to look pulled together and you still look like crap!! It's very upsetting to see so many women who don't even take 2 seconds to do their hair. If you don't care... you should! We are all looking at you and your child thinking is that the nanny? And I've seen some stylish nannies!! Pull your heads out of your asses, stop looking at me like I'm the alien ( I just care how I look.... Always!!) and put some freakin decent, stylish clothes on!!!
And... Deep breath..:0)

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