Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shopping to soothe the soul

How many of us shop because we are bored, upset, sad, or depressed? Whatever the case may be...don't do it!!
Shopping in any of those moods is very bad for your wallet! When you are bored, you will just buy things you don't need. When you are upset, you are buying things just to spite the person you are mad at! Like your hubby for instance..:). When you are sad, you buy things that you think are going to make you happy, and we all know how that turns out. You try it on in the store, you smile at yourself in the fitting room mirror, then you get home and it stays in your closet tagged for a year!! Now depression is a whole other issue! When you are depressed, you go crazy at the mall! Because just being in the stores you love make you feel good..:). You will spend way over your budget and then some. When you get home with all of your bags, you feel even more depressed than you were when you left the house!
I feel I can describe these feelings to you because I've experienced every single one of them. Did I learn my lesson, you ask? Hell No!!! No matter what you do, at the time shopping does make you feel good!
Here's an idea you can try, start a mood savings. Whenever you are in one these moods, you will have a little savings to dip in and fulfill your needs, it works!

Whatever your mood may be is having a sale.

20% off hard to find sizes in shoes!! Women's and men. If you haven't shipped this site yet, you will start, it's awesome for the whole family!

Happy Tuesday!!

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