Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Mani/Pedi or not to Mani/Pedi?


Take care of your hands and feet ladies! Please! Go to your closest nail salon and get your nails and toes done.
Manicures are easy, wether you pay for it or do it yourself! Fall is near, so choose your color wisely. Fall colors are amazing, warm and rich tones are heating up the salons! Purple hues, red, brown, blue, and so many others. Make sure and keep your cuticles, nice a neat, a little cuticle oil will do the trick. File to whatever shape you like, make sure you first throw on a base coat to nourish your nail and it makes the polish stick better. Polish with your fav fall color and a top coat to seal the deal. I personally throw on extra top coat every day to keep polish from chipping.

Pedicures are not as easy, at least not to me! Sitting on a chair or on the floor hunched over is not that comfortable. I believe every woman deserves to sit in the massaging pedi chair and enjoy a revitalizing foot rub!! Keeping nice groomed feet is a must, even in the winter when you have on socks and boots! You still have to take them off and why should your hubby have to suffer and look at your dry and cracked feet?! So, if you must do it at home, then please invest in a good pumice stone and some exfoliating foot scrub. Use a thick foot lotion right out of the shower. Follow the same basic steps in polishing your toes as you would your nails and VoilĂ !!!

I'm just saying, if you are going to partake in wearing some of this seasons hottest peep-toe booties, with or without hose, you have to take care of those feet! If not for yourself, then..please..do it for us!!!

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