Tuesday, August 17, 2010


When you think fashion, are just thinking your clothing? If you are, then you are wrong!! If your hair is a mess than how are you going to pull off a flawless look?

It really surprises me when I am out and about the number of women who don't care about what their hair looks like! There are salons like Great Clips, Super cuts, or even the salon at Walmart that have stylist that know what they are doing, you just have to look. Your hair is a very important part of your image! There are dozens of hair magazines that can help you choose the style that is right for you. You have to consider things like face shape, color, cut and the up keep depending on what you choose.

If you are bold and brave, like me, you will try something new and sassy a couple times a year or more! Find what looks good on you and makes you feel good. For me, I feel sassy and sexy with short hair but you may enjoy long hair. If that's the case, try some fun and playful layers. I can go on for days about all of the different styles out there for your hair, but I want all of you to do your homework!

Great product is another key factor in keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Just to name a few: Moroccanoil products are amazing for all hair types! If you have hair that is flat add a volumizing mousse, Dove makes a great one and it's super cheap!

Just remember..when your hair looks good, you look good! It makes you look polished and put together. So get out there, get some magazines or have a chat with a stylist!

Go and get your hair did ladies!!

BTW..I have a great one her name is Terri and she's a master stylist at the Beauty brands salon on 120th, for my Broomfield ladies..:0)

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