Tuesday, September 8, 2015

To Return or not to Return?!?!

Anyone hate returning items like I do??!  Shoes in my case.....

Well...  I have to return two pairs of shoes that I bought for my daughter!  One she was with me and one pair I thought, what the heck, these are her size.  Wrong!!  Both times!!  I don't know why returning anything makes me so nervous and uncomfortable, it could be the fact that I worked in retail for so many years.  I had so many people try and pull a fast one with returning worn, torn, or smelly clothes that I already know the look I am going to get from the sales clerk.  Bitch face..... Cus that's what I did when someone walked up with a bag of clothing to return.  Now most people are like me and really can't use that item and would like their money back to go elsewhere or exchange for a different size or fit.  In my case, the pair of converse I bought my daughter when she was with me didn't fit when we got home.

So I finally got up the nerve to go and exchange them 2 days before the return date on the receipt, which was today!  And to my surprise, it was the same sales girl from when I bought them almost a month ago and she was awesome!!  We got another pair of shoes that fit great and was out of Dillard's, in 20 minutes.  Easy peasy!!!  I still have one more pair of shoes to return but my Dillard's experience was so great that it has given me the courage to walk in that Nike Outlet door with my head held high and tell them, I need to exchange these shoes for a different size and not flinch one bit when I say it!!!

It felt good to get that out!!!  Share your scary or easy return stories with me and stay tuned for more of my fashion babble from day to day!!!! 

Fashionmom out!!!!!!

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