Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Definition of "Mom!" Say what!!

Ok..ok.. I've taken a few deep breathes and I've  wooosaaahhh'd over this topic!!!  And I am still not too happy of what some women think the definition of the word, "Mom" is...I'm puzzled!!

So, this what I'm hearing...since we are moms, we are suppose to let ourselves go, just because we have children?  Just give up up on you and not care at all what you look like?  This can't be and it shouldn't be!  Ladies.... Please always take pride in how you look, especially now that you are a mom! Now I was fortunate enough to grow up around woman who were "MTGAS".. Moms that give a shit!!  In watching them get dressed for whatever it was, work, church or dropping me and brother off at school, my mom, like my grandmother, looked put together every time she walked out that door.  And what we are getting confused as moms, is that you are not doing this for anyone but yourself!  You need to want to be the best you everyday!!  For you!!!  Then for your hubby and your kids!!  I will touch more into them in a sec!  
I need every woman out there, mom or not, to remember the first time you felt pretty!  You walked up to that mirror and said,  "Damn I look hot today!"  We've all had that moment!  Let's reinvent that moment and make it an everyday feeling!!  Now, I'll admit, it's going to take a little bit of work to get you there, but we're moms!!!  We are tough and strong and can multi-task no one!!  You don't have to be hi-fashion and spend a ton of money.  Target, JCP, H&M, and TJ Maxx are my go to's for my wardrobe upgrades!  I simply mean putting in some extra effort to pull yourself together.  If you are a jeans and T kind of gal... Rock that look!!!!   Add a statement necklace, cute pair of flats or heels, blazer and out the door you go!!  Easy!!! There are so many simple but chic looks you can pull together just like that, there's no freakin' excuse anymore, so stop it!!  
Now.. Talk about your hubby's part in this.  Let's not forget about him ladies... That man fell in love with you and you him... So keep that fire burning by letting him see that hot mom/wife you are!!  I've always been into fashion, I am a bit deeper that others but I just love to look and feel fabulous all the time😉. I play with fashion, switch it up from time to time but I always stay true to myself.  Allow your man to once in awhile take you shopping, let him pick out some stuff he would like to see you in.  Try it all on, showing him each good or bad outfit!  That's your man, remember, nothing to be worried about!!  My husband and I have a blast when we shop together!  Now, I know... Not all men will shop, that's why I said every once in a long while, believe me, you both will enjoy it!  My husband compliments me everyday, tells me how good I look, my hair looks or even my pedicure.  Let's not forget those feet ladies... It's spring... Sandal season!!!  Anyways, he will notice, which makes him happy and more susceptible to allowing you to purchasing a new item every once in awhile😉. 
And your babies... Please teach them by showing them how to care about themselves!  It has nothing to do with making them all fancy and everything to do with teaching them self-confidence and respect for themselves!  Teach your children young to comb there hair and to want to comb their hair!!  It's sad when I see kiddos come into the salon I work part-time, 5 years old with rats nests in there hair because mommy doesn't comb the tangles out.  For one.. Those moms need to be slapped!!  Yep.. I said that!! It's the honest truth!!  But those kiddos are old enough to know how to do that on their own, but they wouldn't know that unless mom showed them by brushing her own hair..  Do you see where I'm going with this?  By taking care of yourself, you are starting the pattern for kids to care too!!  
It's so easy ladies!!  There are books, websites, and stylists, you can consult to help you find your personal style.  This actually came to me today after a few comments were made about my daughter at the bus stop this morning.  They were nice comments about her outfit but the comments about themselves, like "I wish I knew how to dress" or "I barely have time to do my hair" is what bothered me.  Because we can do all of those things and more!  Stop playing the blame game and do something about it!  I'll leave you with this... "Be as shot as you can be for the rest of your life!!"  

No more excuses!!  Be a "MTGAS"

Fashionmom out!!!

"Clothes will not change the world. The women who wear them will."  Anne Klein

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