Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring Season: 5 Key Pieces!

Are you looking for a whole new Spring look?  Well, let's do it!  These 5 key pieces will help you accomplish that!!
Believe me, I know it is hard for some us to get into spring mode when we still have snow on the ground or it's Brrr...cold outside.  But, while we are inside, hiding out, staying cozy here's a little task for you!  Now, depending on the size of your wardrobe, will tell you the amount of time you need to set aside for this fun task.  I split mine up into a couple of days, during the day while my kiddos are at school.  Now if you are a working mama, you can set time aside on the weekends, or make it a fun night, with wine and music, after the kiddos go to bed.  That's, when I do my best work...;)  Ok, back to the topic at hand!  I am going to share with you my top 5 pieces of clothing that you should have in your closet for Spring 2014.  These wardrobe stunners will make you feel fresh and fashionable, easily!
Let's get started!!
Denim Jacket
A denim jacket will carry you through a lifetime, in my opinion!  If you pick out just the right one, you will wear it every season.  For me, Spring is a stand-out season for the denim jacket because it is the key piece to your wardrobe.  It will make everything look chic.  Throw it over your maxi dress or tank with a flowy, floral skirt.  It will pull everything together in a way that makes everyone say,
"Yep..she look great!"
Use fashion magazines, fashion blogs, or the good old TV, and see all the numerous looks of the denim jacket!
Everyone that knows me, knows that I love my heels.  They are a part of me, my everyday life, and I feel lost without them!  Now that's probably a bit dramatic, but kind of true in a way. Wedges on the other hand are the heels you can wear everyday, all day and not complain about your feet hurting!!  Everyone should have gotten out of there seats and shouted, "Hell Yeah" to that one!!
They are easy to buy, many options to choose from, and all of them just as fab as the next!  Slip them on with your jeans (cropped, skinny, wide leg, or bootcut), a dress, skirt, shorts, even a tailored suit for work.
But, please, please, please!!! (A little James Brown for you all!)
Get your Pedi (pedicure) right first!  There is nothing worse than seeing some jacked up toes in a fabulous pair of wedges! Click here for pedicure ideas:
Would it even be spring without blooms?  Flowers in the house, your garden , and on you in some way, shape, or form!  Florals are huge every spring and you can wear them however you like.  My favorite new piece for my spring wardrobe is a floral blazer I picked up on sale at Forever 21 at the end of season sales last year.  It was a score indeed, because I only paid $15 for it! 
Starting small may be the case for some; with a scarf, belt, shoes, or sunglasses added to your outfit. Or, make it a full bloom with a dress or a pair of cropped pants. Whatever you choose, have fun with it, they're flowers and they are not scary!  Here are several different ways to rock florals this spring and be damn good at it!
Leather Skirt
OMG!!  When I bought my first faux leather skirt, I couldn't wait to get home and style it with everything in my closet!  And when you find that perfect one, which in my case was an A-line, right above the knee score from JCP, you will know the feeling!  I am posting pictures of black skirts, but if you are a bold fashionista be daring and try colored leather too!!
And last, but not least, my #5 top Key Piece
Maxi Dress or Skirt
Whether you are tall, short, slender or curvy, every woman looks good in a maxi dress.  It's all in the length, which is usually the challenge for most.  It should sweep right across the top of your toes, showing off that gorgeous pedi. A maxi dress is easy to wear for several reasons, I will touch on a few.  It is effortlessly, fashionable because you can just put it on by itself, throw your denim jacket on top, add a chic scarf and run out the door.  Easy enough, right?  Depending on the length of your maxi, you can wear a pair of cute flat sandals or jazz it up with a pair of wedges.  However you choose to wear your maxi will be up to you and I am sure it will be fabulous!
I hope I helped some of you get going on that spring wardrobe.  I will be back with some more Spring fashion tips. 
Fashion Mom out!!
"I don't do fashion, I am fashion."
Coco Chanel


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