Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It is time!!!!! My closet is asking for Spring!!

So today is the day!!! I am officially swapping winter clothing out of my everyday closets and moving in spring/summer! Denver is a bit bipolar right now but I am getting very impatient!! Since today is my day off, my goal is to completely edit my entire wardrobe!! I will be storing away all of my fabulous winter coats in their basement wardrobes and bringing in the dresses, shorts, and all of my fun spring clothing!! It's an all day process but I will get it done!! This will also be the first year I will trying on everything and then making a huge garage sale pile!! If I haven't worn it in the past few seasons, it's a goner!!! I also posted some pictures of the process below..clothing racks and all!! Alright..Ready..set..Go!!! Wish me luck!!

Fashionmom out!!!

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