Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Please dress your age!!

OMG!! How many times do I have to touch on this subject! Please dress your age! So I am sitting in my daughters karate class and there she is..a mom wearing an outfit so inappropriate that I almost threw up!! It's 50 degrees today and I get it, we don't want to let go of summer but let's not get carried away and mix the two season the wrong way! What was she wearing, you ask? Super short shorts, with knee-length boots, of course with the long socks sticking out of the top..:( A cozy knit sweater, which wasn't half bad except for the way she wore it! And let's not forget the seashell necklace to top it all off. Now, I know it's kind of mean to talk about this mom behind her back, but like I said before, it won't matter what I say! She actually walked out of her house like that and felt good about herself. I'm trying to help you out Denver, but you've got to stop fighting me, I know what I'm talking about! There's a Fashionmom(me) and then there's those that need a lot of help! Please let me help you!!!

Fashionmom out!!

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