Tuesday, April 3, 2012

YSL Exhibit in Denver!!

I was fortunate enough today to chaperone a highschool Fashion Design class to the Denver Art Museum to view the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit!!  It was amazing!!  To see some his great work was almost tear jerking at times!  I have never felt so close to the fashion world as I did today.  Learning about how he started, where he started, and how he has touched so many lives with his designs.  Going against the grain a lot of the time and coming out on top in the end!!  I could only wish that I had an eye for fabrics, details, and color pallettes as he did.  His work is breathe-taking and you feel a sense of style come over you when you look at his clothing, and for me that's a great feeling!  It's amazing how so many of his looks are still around today and we are still embracing his artistic eye and incorporating it in our everyday life.  We were fortunate enough to be able to see this exhibit as it is the only one in the US.  The curator at the DAM saw the exhibit in Paris and did whatever it took to get it here!  The only other one is in Madrid!  So please, if you love fashion, art, or are just curious about what the hell I'm talking about...get down there and check it out!!  It runs through July 8th and is worth every penny!  You will leave there Fashion Struck..I guarantee it!!

Fashionmom out!!

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  1. You should definitely go to New York's Fashion week in the fall! It's amazing!