Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hot shoes for Spring!! Get shopping!

I am so excited for Spring this year!!  I just want to talk about spring fashion all day long..wait...I do!!  If you are a crazy, obsessive shoe lover like me, then this post is for you.  Also, for those of you that need a little help in the shoe department.  Let's start with heel height!  Now 90% of the time I am in 5 inches or higher, but that's just me.  I started walking in heels at a year old and it didn't stop there!  They make you feel, confident and sexy, who doesn't want that feeling?  But there are definitly ways around wearing a higher heel without killing yourself, they are called wedges and espadrilles!!  We all know what those are, right?  If you don't, next time you go shopping talk to the sales rep and they will show you.  They are just as sexy and come in so many different styles and colors, you won't know what to choose!  Now to help you with the choosing part, it depends on what you will be wearing them with.  Everyone knows that the maxi dress is super hot for summer!  This is definitely something to pair with wedges.  It will give your silouette a lift and make you look long and lean.  Just make sure your maxi dress is long enough to pull this off.  It should graze the top of your foot, just showing a little peep of your toe, anything higher just isn't going to work.  It will look like you are flooding in your dress!!  And to me, that looks tacky! Sorry! You can also rock wedges or espadrilles with shorts, mini dresses or skirts.  But please make sure you have great legs to pull off this look!  Be honest with yourself, look in the mirror and really be honest!!  You know if it's right or wrong!  If you can wear this trend, then wear it well!  Pick the right fabrics and colors for Spring.  Now if you are the daring type, like myself..;0) ,then break out the 5 inch color-blocked pumps!  Whether they are close toe or peep toe, solid colored or color-blocked, they are fabulous!!  Wear them with jeans, shorts, mini dresses or skirts, skinny jeans, or pencil skirts.  Whatever it may be they will look hot with eveything!  Incorporate them in your eveyday life, don't be scared I wear heels to the grocery store!  It's true!!  Ok, so let's not forget about all of the cute flats out there too!  If heels are just not your thing, you will still be spring fashion ready with your flat sandals.  And believe me, they are just as fabulous and you have a ton to choose from.  I hope this helps and gets you all in the mood for a little shoe shopping!  If not, I think there's something wrong with you!  Seriously!

Fashionmom out!

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