Monday, January 23, 2012

Fashion is within!

I had an epiphany today while staring at a group of over-top wanna-be fashionistas!!

I realized why so many women are scared of the word fashion, or style, or even shopping at all. It's because of what I was starring at today. A group of women that are trying so hard to be fashionable or trend, that it actually looked fake and uncomfortable! Let me tell you something ladies..those of you that know me, know I just wake and that's me trying, no faking, it's just me and I really want everyone to think about who you are and how being put together makes you feel! Fashion should be fun, look effortless and make you feel damn good about yourself..not like somebody your not. So please do not ever take what I'm saying to you all as a Do or Die!! I'm just voicing my opinion and it's just me wanting women to be women and feel good about themselves! I rather hang out with you in your sweats all day and you be you rather then you put on what isn't you!!

FashionMom out!!

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