Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fabulous Faux Fur!

Who's scared of the Faux fur? Not me, I love it but you have to know how to wear it! When wearing, make sure it is the statement piece of your outfit.

If you want to go casual and chic with your faux fur, choose a vest style. Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans, skinny, boot cut, or flare, a long-sleeve tee or peasant blouse and a pair of flats or flat riding boots. You can also throw your faux fur vest over a black blazer..:).

Dressing up your fur is fun! Wear a faux fur jacket over a sequin top, black pants and super hi heels. You can also throw one over a sexy dress, in the winter, pair with tights and a hot pair of ankle booties. My Fav!!!

Whatever your style is, you can work a faux fur into it and be trendy! Have fun!!

Quick shopping tip: Costco has or had some fabulous faux fur vests in 3 different colors over the holidays for $39.99. Super stylish and good quality. I snagged one and I love it!

Fashionmom out!

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