Monday, January 31, 2011

Stay warm and fashionable!

How do you deal with the cold stylishly?

Turtlenecks can be stylish and warm. Wear them under a blazer or your peacoat. Don't forget your scarves, bulky or infinity, they will both keep your neck and face warm and style up any outfit you have on! Worried about your hair on this particular snowy day? Try a slouchy hat on for size. There are so many chic styles to choose from, no head is left out. And don't think because you have short hair, you can't rock a stylish hat! You actually rock it the best!!! Keep your hands warm with a pair of gloves. Match them or don't match them with your scarf, it's up to you..:). And be careful what you put on your feet out there today! I love my heels too but if they are not slip proof, leave them at home today. Opt for a hip pair of boots or a rubber soled shoe. The rubber-soled wedge booties are super sleek and sturdy and won't get trashed in the slush.

Have a safe and warm day!!!

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