Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looking around

So I'm sitting at the rec center reading my Instyle and People Stylewatch magazines while my daughter does her gymnastics class. As I look around the waiting area, I think to myself, does no one care what they look like anymore?? I know I am in Colorado and the ground is covered in slushy snow but that is not an excuse to just leave the house looking like you just hopped out of bed and ran out the door!! I guess I look like an outsider with my fashionable choice today.. Ok..I'm sorry..there is one gal that has on a nice coat and lipstick and actually did her hair..:). Maybe I sound kind of snobby but I just don't understand women these days! We complain about being stressed and depressed but don't do a thing about it!! It actually starts with you!! A little self confidence goes a long way. Feel good by looking good, it's a start. If you just start by styling your hair and putting on some gloss, then do it!! Otherwise, you will be in that down stuper forever!

So come on ladies, let's start caring about ourselves!!! I guarantee you will feel a difference!!

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