Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seasonal wardrobe swap

So I finally swapped out my closet from spring/summer to fall/winter! I waited a little longer because we did have an 80 degree in November..;-). Anyways, just want to give y'all a few tips on getting this task done.

First you want to remove everything that is not is season from your closet. But there are a few things you can leave behind. Like tees and tanks, they will go great under a sheer sweater, cardigan, or blazer. You can still wear some dresses and skirts into the next season too. Wear them with denim, or cropped leather jackets or even a blazer. Also, try the seasons really fashionable tights, there are opaque and some pretty snazzy designs and colors to choose from. And last but definitely not least...leave those jeans in the closet!!
Once you've removed everything that is not for this season, place them on your bed, chaise or floor(depending on how you feel about your clothing). Now wherever you keep your seasonal clothing,(mine are in wardrobes in the basement) start collecting those items one small group at a time. There's a reason why you shouldn't bring everything up at once. You want to take a look at and try on everything that you haven't worn in awhile. If you didn't wear it at all last winter, you probably don't need it any more! But be careful not to get rid of anything you will regret later. Weight changes and trends need to also be taken into consideration.
Once you've finished bringing everything into your closet and have thoroughly gone thru it all, then you can start to organize and color coordinate. When you do this step it helps when you are searching for something to wear day to day.
Don't forget to do the same with your shoes, move or store sandals that cannot be worn in winter.
Once your closet is complete, start enjoying putting new outfits together that you haven't seen in awhile, it's fun and you can add any of the new items you've been purchasing for the new season!
Oh yeah, and one more thing..if your hubby shares a closet with you, as mine does, please don't forget about him! You want him to be ready for the new season too!

Happy wardrobe swapping!!!

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