Monday, October 25, 2010

Cold and rainy day= hat day!
Don't be afraid to throw on a hat. Hats are very chic and fun! It just depends how you spin it! I love hats, they are a big part of my wardrobe. Whether it's a fedora, slouchy knit, beanie, or a crocheted version of either one. Always let a little hair peek out of the front, that's gives a little bit of a seductive look..:). If you have longer hair, either pull it back onto a side ponytail with your fedora or let it hang with your slouchy knit. It's fun to rock a hat if your hair is a shorter bob length like mine. You can wear a lot of hats that will flatter your face and wrap a scarf around your neck for a warmer, finishing touch! Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 have a huge variety of hats to choose from and they are very affordable!
Let see you wearing those hats today ladies!!

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