Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Get your cardigan on ladies!

They are fun, universal, chic, and casual. You can wear them with anything! Dresses, denim, skirts, embellished tops, even leggings.
You have 3 styles to choose from: V-neck, crewneck, and the boyfriend. The V-neck will be boxy and a slightly longer cut, looks great belted or just as is.
The crewneck is a classic round collar, bracelet sleeves and a body skimming fit. This one is a perfect choice with jeans or a party dress.
The boyfriend is more of a slouchy shape, nice big buttons and pockets.
All of these styles are fun and worthy of your closet space..:). Target has a every style I mentioned and in several different patterns and colors. Prices amazing...$15-$25!!!!
So get shopping and get your cardigan fix!!

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  1. I wore mine yesterday its was a cold day in San Jose on Sunday we had rain, then it turn very cold, my cardigan came in handy.