Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dress the size you are now!

I'm sorry ladies but I have to touch on this topic! I am so tired of hearing that you can't look fashionable because you haven't lost the weight yet! Nonsense!!!! You can look good whatever your weight, you just have to dress the weight you are now. And let's be truthful, if you really wanted that weight gone, you'd be in the gym everyday because you do have the time!! I should know, I'm a major procrastinator!!!

When I say that, I mean you dress for what's appropriate for your current weight. You don't have to go out and spend alot of money to do that. Your neighborhood Target would be a great place to start!

First you need a great fitting pair of jeans. When I say great fitting, the length should be long enough for heels and short enough for flats or buy to pair, one for each. You can never have to many pairs of jeans! The color should be a dark wash and bootcut or flare style. Please stay away from skinny jeans, they will do your shape an injustice! Not everyone can pull off a skinny jean!!
Wear a top that is fitting but not too tight but not too baggy either. You want it to flatter your shape, not make you look bigger.
So please,please,please stop making excuses and stop walking around looking like a slob when you don't have too. There's no excuse for it...not one!!

Sorry if this is a little harsh but that's one thing you'll learn about me and my blogs..I'll never BS you!!!

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  1. this is so true,thank you daughter for helping me cause I look gooooooooooooooooood!!!!