Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Diva’s Den finally finished!!

I am finally done with the re-design of my office!!  It is 11:30pm on August 27th, and I am finished!!  I am so excited to share it with you all!!  The ‘Diva’s Den’ is finally ready for it’s first photo op!!  I still have some little things that I am still working on, like hanging photos and placing some more chic decor around the room, but I am so happy with the results so far!  This room makes me so happy!!  I started on July 12th and posted pictures of the old office.  When I look at those, I can’t believe it has come this far!  If you are curious as to the cost of this re-design. let me fill you all in!  I already had most of the furniture, pictures, and decor, so I didn’t add that into the price, just what I spent on new furniture, decor and the paint. Grand total of about: $500 and Voila!!  I have the office/boudoir I’ve always wanted.  You can do the same to your office too, maybe not exactly like I did, but something that makes you feel good.  The whole I idea was to make me want to come in my office and work, take care of bills, kiddos school stuff, reply to emails and of course, get my Premier jewelry biz back on track!  I have to give the biggest shout outs to my hubby and my mother!!  My mom came into town to visit and worked her butt off helping me pull this room together.  Thanks Mom, you are the greatest!!  And to my wonderful husband who helped with hanging cabinets and moving things around and most of all, putting up with all of my bitching and complaining everyday because it wasn’t done and was such a big process!  I hope this motivates somebody out to get off you butt and Get It Done!!! 







BTW..I forgot to mention, that all of the cabinets and bookcase that you see, I put together and it definitely wasn’t easy!  I learned a lot about myself during this room transformation and moving forward, I am no longer afraid of a drill and hammer..:0)  Enjoy!!!

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  1. OMG Karen its looks fabulous, I am so glad that you let me help in this fantastic project of yours, love you always MOM