Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday….blahhh!! Let’s turn it around!!

I don’t about you all but Monday for me is cleaning day!!  Not fun at all, but today I decided I would start with my office..:0)  How on earth can I blog in an office that’s a disaster.  So I came up with a pretty cool idea??  I am going to make my office look like closet.  That’s where I am the happiest anyway, when I am in my closet surrounded by the things I love!!  Of course, that’s my family too..:0)

So how do I do that, you ask?  I came up with this idea a few months ago, to have an office look like a huge wardrobe. I got this really cool, huge mirror and leather chest with storage space from a friend of mine that moved to Florida.  I picked out this awesome color for my wall.  I have a mannequin that I am going to dress very fashionably and accessorize once a week..;)  I have a board on the wall that has the fashion trends for whatever the season may be, in this case, we are getting ready for Fall!  Which if you are here in Colorado, we are still trying to enjoy our summer!!  And I figured I would pick up little knick knacks here and there that fit into my new room.  I will have to take some before and after pictures, so you all can follow my progress.  Maybe since I am blogging about it, I will finally get it done!!  More to come on the office magically changing into a closet!!

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